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By gestalt on June 8, 2017 in bloGIT

As the season changes to the caressing comforts of spring and we are called on by budding nature to feel hopeful and light hearted, it can be shocking to feel boredom. It seems as if we are co-creating a world of reaction, resistance, avoidance, distraction, opportunities, intentions (keep adding all of your favorite pastimes — I am in the process of learning basic Klingon for a disowned parts party) as a major hedge against the potential onset of boredom. Since we spend so much energy avoiding boredom (healing from any addictive pattern requires facing the dread of boredom) I thought it would be useful to face it straight on with an exploratory approach. In the Gestalt world this means putting our interest into boredom.

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Gestalt New Years Resolutions for 2017
By Jay Tropianskaia on December 23, 2016 in bloGIT

The root of the word resolution is to loosen, to become free of (as to resolve). Here are eight Gestalt-inspired resolutions you can choose from to begin 2017 with more freedom.

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