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Does the Gestalt Institute accept international students?

Yes. Students join our Training Program from overseas every year, many who have experienced Gestalt training in their own country. This creates a rich exchange within our classes. To start the process it is necessary to fill out the online application form and send it to us with a CV, educational transcript and a letter of intent. We will then set up an interview which may be done by Skype.

What are the tuition fees for international students?

Our tuition fees are the same for domestic and international students. Tuition fee amounts can be found under the specific Training Program page.

What kind of visa is required?

The Gestalt Institute of Toronto is approved as a Designated Learning Institute (#011626403021) with Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Therefore international students can apply for a student visa if accepted into our Five Year Training Program or the One Year Training for Professionals.

Who can apply for a visa and what is the process?

Determine your eligibility by clicking here
Many visa offices have specific local instructions about which documents you must submit with your application. Visit your visa office’s website to find out what these are. There is a list of visa offices Click here for a list of visa offices on the CIC website.
The student will typically need a letter of acceptance from us, a copy of the training schedule and a copy of the Tuition Fee Schedule. Click here for a copy of the form which we send you with a formal letter of acceptance for all international students.
When the student receives their study visa they will need to update our office with their new information. Click here for the visa update form.

What else do I need to know?

You can find more information on housing, health insurance, peer counseling, cultural or religious communities and social supports in our International Student Resources package.
Click here to download our International Student Resources package.