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What does it mean to you to be depressed? And how would you compare that to the experience of being joyful? For most of us the experience of being down is one to be avoided and the experience of being up is one to hold onto for as long as we can, often keeping ourselves “up” long beyond the passage of the joy inducing stimulus. To be down is to be down on ourselves, and it’s best endured alone, away from the judgment of others. We seek diagnosis and definition for the state of depressing, but we don’t seek the same for joy – it just is.

The Magic Pill We Are Missing Is Other People
By Jay Tropianskaia on January 17, 2018 in bloGIT

When I was a child (a million years ago) there was a television commercial for aspirin. It showed a mother taking a stress break from her day by taking an aspirin and lying down on a cot in blissful serenity. Even then I knew that what she really needed was a break and the aspirin was the excuse to take one. Now I and everyone I know live in a world where stress is the norm. I can’t remember the last time I took a simple lie down in the middle of the day (as compared to a crash after overwhelm).

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Carlos Castenda and Gestalt revisited
By Jay Tropianskaia on December 19, 2017 in Gestalt Perspectives

I trained at the GIT with Jorge Rosner who was not only a master Gestaltist but a shaman of sorts, who often quoted Carlos Castenada, known to everyone it seems in the 70’s but barely remembered these days except to an esoteric few. Carlos wrote about the shaman Don Juan who taught a shamanic view of reality – that reality as such does not exist but is rather “assembled” by us humans. The average human’s reality is what he called “consensual reality” which is the world as we know it complete with our thinking, living, politics, pastimes and eating patterns. He wrote that humans can grow in our lifetime by shifting the way we assemble reality. He called that the “shift of our Assemblage Point.”

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Finding Balance in Times of Trouble
By Jay Tropianskaia on November 1, 2017 in bloGIT

Four ways to balance yourselves   Emotional: Speak what is absolutely true from your heart to someone in the moment   We have two voices we can use when we want to answer the question how are we doing? One is what Fritz Perls called the phoney voice, that is careful to not hurt or […]

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By Jay Tropianskaia on October 11, 2017 in bloGIT

I was recently confronted by a Gestalt colleague with this statement: Aren’t there many definitions of respect? The question stunned me. I realized I have a body sense of what is feels like to be respected and a body understanding of what another person means when they let me know they do not feel respected by me. These are times that I listen attentively to their truth of the experience and make what amends are possible.

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