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Interconnection: The Missing Sixth Sense
By Jay Tropianskaia on July 11, 2017 in Gestalt Perspectives

If you have ever asked a friend: what do you think of me? Then you know the tension that can hang in the air while you wait for a reply. We long for some appreciation or awareness of how good a friend we are, how “just” a human being, how interesting is our character, and at the same time we quiver with apprehension that our deepest fears and doubts about ourselves are about to be exposed. Well this blog is not about that — in the blunt words of one of my friends: “Enough about you!”

Hard as it is to ask the question above, I am asking you to imagine asking instead: How am I doing with you? This question opens the door to our interactions — to the other person.

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By gestalt on June 8, 2017 in bloGIT

As the season changes to the caressing comforts of spring and we are called on by budding nature to feel hopeful and light hearted, it can be shocking to feel boredom. It seems as if we are co-creating a world of reaction, resistance, avoidance, distraction, opportunities, intentions (keep adding all of your favorite pastimes — I am in the process of learning basic Klingon for a disowned parts party) as a major hedge against the potential onset of boredom. Since we spend so much energy avoiding boredom (healing from any addictive pattern requires facing the dread of boredom) I thought it would be useful to face it straight on with an exploratory approach. In the Gestalt world this means putting our interest into boredom.

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Will I or Won’t I?
By Jay Tropianskaia on May 2, 2017 in Gestalt Perspectives

My teacher Jorge Rosner had a simple approach for transforming the I should’s (but I don’t wanna) of life. He told us: When you are facing an inner struggle between Act and Afraid to Act, Just ask yourself: Will I or won’t I? And then: What’s the worst that can happen if I do or I don’t? He recommended we imagine the worst possible outcome, and only then decide I will or I won’t.

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Tracking Changes
By Gestalt Institute on April 11, 2017 in The Leading Edge

I hear voices in my head. I expect I always will. They’re all versions of me — in stereo usually — in conversation with various departed ones, mentors, and intruders from my past. I am narrating my life to myself, more or less, all the time. I suspect we all are.

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Shame and Forgiveness
By Jay Tropianskaia on April 5, 2017 in Gestalt Perspectives

I recently took part in a discussion about forgiveness. In the room were both spiritual people and psychotherapists. Someone raised the question as to whether or not forgiveness exists. We were from many different countries and looked up the definition in several languages coming up with words like to pardon, to give mercy. Each definition seemed to hold inside of it a dynamic where someone bestows forgiveness on another. We spoke about how important the concept of forgiveness has been for social regulation, to prevent revenge which is so much a part of human history. Was the concept of forgiveness built into our humanity to keep us from releasing our suppressed anger and desire for revenge?

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