Five Year Training Program

Year Two
Introduction to Field Dynamics

Year Two builds upon the personal work of Year One as group members learn to apply their embodied awareness of self with others, to group process theory and awareness of the field. Individuals learn to develop curiosity to understand and explore their responses to group members and to understand the group as a support for ongoing growth. Each individual is then able to take safe risks in exploration and expression of forms of contact. The “army of one” syndrome is replaced with the concept of the necessity of support from the field.

  • Focus on awareness of the group as the experimental field
  • Access genuine curiosity and interest in one’s own responses to another’s approach and style
  • Address emerging conflicts and differences with perspective, self-awareness and respect
  • Discover language for internal experience in order to create rapport with the other
  • Develop ability to take and give feedback
  • Achieve successful resolution of authority issues
  • Become flexible in response to opposition and change
  • Include differences in interactions with others

Students are expected to complete