Five Year Training Program

Year One
Gestalt Approach to Personal Growth

Year One is a year unlike any other where a return to creativity and spontaneity are encouraged through experiential learning within a supportive, diverse and dynamic group. The emphasis is on foundational Gestalt theory as it is applied to one’s personal growth and life goals within and outside of the group. The focus of training is on embodied awareness, boundaries, and increasing sensitivity to self in connection with the other.

  • Reclaim spontaneity—learn the difference between risk-taking and recklessness in self-exploration
  • Find language to identify and express your own process in relation to others
  • Discover who you are at the boundary of experience
  • Identify difficult behavior as a function of your own creative adjustment in the field
  • Recognize the importance of the group and its context in your own evolution
  • Recognize the difference between Emotions and Emotionality

The Group is a living laboratory in which to explore

  • Present-based awareness of yourself in relation to others
  • The importance of the context on the “how” of your process of “being”
  • Embodied relationality
  • Confronting fear of intimacy and gaining confidence in interpersonal skills
  • How to really connect with others

Tuition Fee for Personal Development Training Year One is $3,900 per year plus administration fee, if applicable.
May Residential Fee of $570.00 includes accommodation and all meals. Travel arrangements are the responsibility of the individual.