Five Year Training Program

Year Four
Training and Supervision in Gestalt Therapy

Students in Year Four are trained in the fundamentals of therapy practice and a range of diverse clinical applications. Students learn a broader range of considerations that are applicable to all psychotherapy, including safe and effective use of self and principles pertaining to transference, counter transference, and self-disclosure. Students receive practical training on how to set up and maintain a practice, as well as the rights and responsibilities of future membership in the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. Students are approved to see clients under supervision in January of Year Four and obtain liability insurance as well as a supervisor. Membership in the Student Clinic provides clients for new therapists, and students create their own client base as well.
All competencies covered in Years One through Three are now applied to the practice of psychotherapy with particular emphasis on:

  • Exploration of the impact of personal bias and experience to the therapy relationship
  • Use of effective professional communication
  • Gaining a broader awareness of issues of multiculturalism, diversity and power dynamics in the meeting of therapist and client
  • Case presentation and review, clinical note-taking, documentation and legal concerns
  • Compliance with legal and professional obligations
  • Application of ethical decision making
  • Obtaining clinical supervision and consultation
  • Conducting an appropriate risk assessment
  • Conducting an effective closure process to end a course of therapy appropriately

Students are expected to complete

  • Oral and written assignments
  • Oral theory and practical examination
  • Outreach project to introduce Gestalt to a new community
  • Professional Practicum
  • 176 hours of experiential and didactic learning developing proficiency in professional standards and competencies
  • 20 hours of clinical group supervision