Five Year Training Program

Year Two
Introduction to Field Dynamics

As Year One is the year to express, Year Two is the year to explore. It builds upon the foundational work of Year One as group members are challenged to apply embodied self-awareness to the awareness of the other. The group process becomes more figural, including awareness of roles within the group. Students will learn to develop curiosity in one another’s difference, to understand and explore their responses to group members, and to deepen their use of the group as a support for ongoing growth.
Key Competencies

  • Integration of Gestalt theory of human psychological functioning and development
  • Integration of awareness of self in relation to one’s role as group member and trainee
  • Integration of knowledge of human and cultural diversity in relation to other group members
  • Use of effective communication – access genuine curiousity and interest in one’s own responses to another’s approach and style, especially non-verbal communication
  • Address emerging conflicts and differences with perspective, self-awareness and respect, use of I-Thou, and Here and Now
  • Build and maintain effective relationships
  • Discover language for internal experience in order to create rapport with the other
  • Develop ability to take and give feedback
  • Include differences in interactions with others
  • Achieve successful resolution of authority issues
  • Maintain self-care and level of health, and manage energy during training weekends
  • Begin to access and apply a range of relevant professional literature

Students are expected to complete

  • Oral and written assignments
  • 30 hours of personal therapy with a Gestalt psychotherapist by the end of Year Two

Readiness to begin Year Three is based on successful completion of Year Two academic, attendance, and interpersonal assessments.