Five Year Training Program

Year Five
Advanced Gestalt Psychotherapy Training

The intention of Year Five is for new and training therapists to broaden their awareness of the field as a whole, develop their ability to combine their Gestalt training with other specialized skills and applications, while they continue to build and maintain a practice, refine their skills in embodied relational Gestalt, and strengthen professional boundaries and use of professional resources. This is also a year in which students who have substantially completed the requirements for graduation from the GIT may apply for Qualified (RP) status with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO).

  • Seminars on topics such as: Comparative Approaches to Psychotherapy: the Benefits, Limitations, and Contradictions of Differing Psychotherapeutic Approaches; Advanced Topics in Ethics: Competence, Working within your Training and Qualifications; Advanced Gestalt Therapy Approaches; Risk Assessment; and Neuroscience and Psychotherapy.
  • Monthly readings, video and discussion sessions on current issues in psychotherapy
  • Ongoing direct client hours under supervision
  • 48 hours of didactic and experiential learning
  • 20 hours of clinical group supervision
    Year Five students are welcome to continue on as members of the Gestalt Student Clinic.
    Graduation from The Five Year Training Program requires: completion of all academic requirements, 30 hours of direct one-on-one or dyadic supervision with an approved supervisor, a minimum of 150 direct client hours, and the acceptance of an extensive clinical paper. Graduation takes place in June or December of each calendar year. Students who are intending to graduate are advised to make application to the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario six months prior to graduation in order to continue their practice following graduation. Individuals successfully meeting all requirements receive a Certificate of Completion of The Five Year Training Program in Gestalt Psychotherapy.