Five Year Training Program

Year Three
Applied Gestalt Leadership

This year you will learn to change your role from peer/student to leader/therapist, working now with Year One and Two. Leadership and co-leadership stance and style are developed in supervised practice. Students gain a deeper understanding of group process and learn to apply professional ethics and boundaries to their relations with students in Year One and Two as well as with peers in their own year. Practice throughout the year with supervised Gestalt therapy sessions give increased confidence with the method and with self.

  • Discover how to be flexible, aware and effective in one’s individual forms of leadership
  • Learn to identify and support group process in a variety of group settings
  • Gain the ability to stay within process, with curiosity, perspective and creativity
  • Take on a professional role in relation to students in Year One and Two and to apply ethical decision making, professional boundaries, build and maintain effective relationships, and obtain clinical supervision
  • Lead in the development and delivery of a Gestalt Themed Public Workshop sponsored by the GIT
  • Apply the safe and effective use of self as a reference for establishing rapport with the client in practice therapy sessions
  • 206 hours of therapist and group leadership training
  • 100 hours of direct supervision and co-leadership within The Training Program

Students are expected to complete

  • Oral and written assignments
  • Co-leading assignments and brief live therapy examination
  • Twenty hours of personal therapy with a Gestalt therapist during this year for a total of fifty hours by the end of Year Three

Individuals who have completed the requirements for Year Three will receive the Certificate of Completion of the Gestalt Personal Development Training Program (as well as the much coveted Gestalt T-shirt!). Application from Year 3 to Year 4 is by interview held in June of each year.