Continuing Education

Self in Motion

As a phenomenological methodology, Gestalt Therapy is concerned with an understanding of how we live the situation we are living: how to analyze, describe, and know it. In this training, participants will learn the basic principles of Gestalt Therapy Theory by investigating the dynamics of movement.

In breaking down movement process to its most basic elements, we will explore ideas of Self, Creative Adjusting, Contacting, Modalities of Contacting, etc. That is, by focusing on MOVING — tactility (touch), kinesthesia (the feel of ourselves moving), and kinetics (movement itself), we will learn the essentials of how we experience ourselves with an other.

Special attention will be given to the emergence of fundamental movements in the first year of life and their constitutive participation in the moment-to-moment experiences throughout life: a developmental perspective.

Date: Friday, January 26, 7:30pm–10:00pm; Saturday, January 27 & Sunday, January 28, 2018 10:00am–4:00pm
Fee: $425
Call: 416-964-9464 ext 14 to register