Supervisory Training

Supervisory Relationship

This program, designed to meet CRPO standards for clinical supervisors by April 2018, has been structured to provide and reinforce the skills, responsibilities, and clinical practice of Gestalt psychotherapy while ...


Mirror, Mirror on the Screen

Re-Viewing the Relational Therapeutic Situation


A supportive workshop for your memory and for your pride. This four week workshop will use videotaping to expand awareness of how you are and what ...


Dynamics of Power and Privilege for the Gestalt Practitioner

This group is created for practitioners who want to do case reviews based around issues of power and privilege. Contemporary Gestalt Therapy emphasizes the space between therapist and client in an embodied field, ...


Master Supervision Class with Michael Clemmens

For those students and graduates who are seeing clients, here’s an opportunity to have supervision with a master Gestalt therapist.   Date: March Sunday 4, 2018 Time: ...