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Contemporary Hot Seat
By Gestalt Institute on July 26, 2017 in Uncatagorized

Experience the evolution of the approach that Fritz made famous, when you step into the hot seat in your own agency and explore your dreams, your dilemmas, and your conflicts. A master Gestalt therapist demonstrates live therapy with an updated approach that is dynamic, relational, and field sensitive. In Gestalt there are no “bystanders”—for everyone in the room this is not a passive process but one in which everyone can grow. Don’t be surprised if you as a member of the group become involved in a dramatic presentation of the struggle “in the chair.”
Join Tony Greco in the here and now, and engage creatively, even playfully, in a process that will stir your imagination and heighten your awareness. This is a great opportunity to get personal work done in a group—original Gestalt-style therapy group!