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Gestalt and Mindfulness
By Gestalt Institute on July 26, 2017 in Uncatagorized

The body is in the mind. In the training of Gestalt psychotherapists we continually admonish students to focus “below the neck” in order to cultivate full embodied presence. What we do not say is that the mind is an emotion of the body, and the unifying of the sense of body-mind is called cultivating presence. This program is highly recommended to students of Gestalt to enhance their awareness of self as part of the field, to learn step-by-step how to be open to whatever arises, pleasant or unpleasant. This is the heart of relational Gestalt. Learn to track movements of sensations and to know these movements as resonance with your self and the other. Increase your embodied awareness of the inner Gestalt cycle.
Gestalt, like Mindfulness, is the art of being open, aware, and awake in the present moment to whatever comes. Both are an intentional and attentional strategy of awareness. Both show us how to be truly alive and present.
Maximum 10 participants