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Sunday Afternoon at the GIT: Creative Spaces
By Gestalt Institute on July 26, 2017 in Uncatagorized

Creativity comes out of the spontaneous response to life — the way we feel when we enter a room, the impact of colours and movement in nature and in a crowd, the way we choose our clothes in the morning, the way we problem solve our lives… Some of us identify as creative artists, poets, painters, actors, singers. These are the persistent survivors of a culture that teaches us that productivity is the opposite of creativity. Many of us have been taught to fear mistakes, which stops us from following those creative impulses we had as children through which we engaged with our whole selves with life. In this way we have become limited to the use of often flat and colourless words to describe our experiences. Gestalt therapy has always encouraged clients and practitioners to engage playfully and creatively with one another. This short Sunday series provides a nonjudgmental and safe space for your impulses to unfold and to reclaim your creativity.