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The Clown and Gestalt
By Gestalt Institute on July 26, 2017 in Uncatagorized

Mario Lourenco, graduate of the GIT, RP and Clown invites you to experience the poetic intersection between therapy and clown as a road to personal development. The relationship between Gestalt and the Clown originates with the founder Fritz Perls whose spontaneity, use of theatre, and cosmic sense of humour became a trademark for the attitude and approach of Gestalt. Just as the clown operates without a “fourth wall” that separates the player from the audience, Gestalt therapists can gain support from the art of clowning in becoming more responsive to the forms of contact in the space between client and therapist.

In this One Day Seminar Expect to

  • Explore ways to free yourself from your blocks, distortions and repetitions, and to redirect your awareness into the fluid exchange between self and environment
  • In play, experience aspects of self that you try to conceal
  • Learn to suspend judgments and critical thinking through the “clown game” and with the support of gestalt therapy
  • Facilitate the embodiment of hidden aspects of yourself