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Discover Your Soft Spot
By Gestalt Institute on February 16, 2017 in The Leading Edge

Soft spots are what I love to explore with my clients—how can we become supported enough in ourselves that we can be receptive, available, open to the other and connection. Yes, we need our hardness too and our ability to express ourselves. Yet, if we don’t know what is inside of us, the parts that we might hide from our friends and our lovers and yes, ourselves, then how do we express what is true?
We arm ourselves; harden ourselves for very good reasons. We need to create safety for ourselves when we do not feel safe and so we cut parts of ourselves off. We pretend to create safety by denying our truth and full self. And yet, if we were to allow more of our knowing to come from our softer places, I suggest we would be able to create safety too. Yes I want that, no I do not want that. Thank you. No thank you. These words are simple and clear and yet, at times, elusive and obscured. From a place of softness there is no need to defend, as it is just true.
I have found that my ongoing practice with Gestalt has allowed me to feel safer by including more of myself including my edges and roundness. My movement practice has also created flexibility and receptivity and an appreciation for my own self–thoughts, feelings, and body. I have learned through these practices to notice my clenched jaw, my tightened torso, and my stilled breath. I have learned to be aware of what they are telling me and to move with them and beyond them to soften.
I invite you to my workshop, Discover Your Soft Spot, to say hello again to the parts of yourself that are longing to be noticed, held and included. We will use music, movement, art, and talking. We will practice flexing this receptive part of ourselves to strengthen our ability to be in the present moment more fully awake.
Join Lauren Clarke in
Discovering Your Soft Spot starting February 25.